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Person-centred care approach

Our person-centred care approach to Live-in Care

We aim to deliver exceptionally high standards of care and follow a range of core values. One of these is a person-centred approach to live-in care. This means that we see each person we care for as an individual.

The key aspects of person-centred live-in care are:

  • Putting your loved-one at the centre of the process. Ensuring their views and wishes reflects in their care plan, as well as yours.
  • Taking into account your loved-one’s unique qualities, interests, preferences and needs.
  • Treating your loved-one with the dignity and respect they deserve.
  • Tailoring your loved-one’s care plan so they’re still able to enjoy any interests and hobbies and we take into consideration their history, lifestyle, culture and preferences.

They can also specify if they need a carer who can drive or a carer who is a pet lover, to make sure they find the perfect person to suit them. They can choose a male or female carer too.

A meet and greet can be arranged with your loved-one and their potential new carer, so they can make sure they are comfortable and get on well. This is also an opportunity to match your loved-one with a carer in terms of personality and interests. We want to make sure they can talk to each other easily and have similar interests and things in common, giving them lots to talk about on a regular basis. This means your loved-one will see their carer as more of a companion or friend.