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Live-in Care vs Care Homes

care homes vs live-in care

Deciding that either you or a family member might need full-time care can result in having to consider many factors. One of the biggest things to consider is how you want to receive this care, whether that be in a care home or live-in care. 

Both have a variety of different reasons as to why one might be better for your personal circumstances. To help make things easier, we’ve outlined some of the main things to consider about both options of care. 

The benefits of care homes 
  • Care homes provide a constant, safe environment with more people in. This means more activities can be done with others, and socialising is easy. 
  • You no longer have to worry about paying housing-related bills or completing housework. 
  • Meals and activities are all planned. This is great if you like a set routine. 
The downsides of a care home
  • Levels of one to one care are reduced due to the number of individuals in care homes. 
  • Moving out of your own home and into an unfamiliar environment can be very stressful. The location of the care home may also mean you’re away from family. 
  • Recently, illness rates are rising.
  • There may be a lack of privacy, and rooms can be small.
The benefits of live-in care 
  • One to one, specialist care is guaranteed at all times.
  • You can remain in your home, with all your belongings, in a familiar location. 
  • It’s a much safer option during a pandemic.
  • You can continue living with pets. 
  • Life can continue to in your chosen lifestyle, on your terms, and create your own routines. 
The downside of Live-in Care
  • You have to adjust to a new person living in your home. 
  • A spare room is needed.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you or your loved one feels would be the most suitable option. But if live-in care is what you decide, Athena live-in care has a range of different care plans to help meet your needs exactly. 

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