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What is live-in care?

What is live-in care?

At Athena, we are often asked what live-in care is and what it involves. Essentially, it is a full time, one to one care, in your own home. It is an excellent alternative to residential care, allowing you, or a loved one, to remain in your own home. To find out more about the differences of live-in care compared to a care home, you can read our other blog.

How does live-in care work?

What Live-in care is

The main element of Live-in care revolves around having a fully trained, qualified and experienced carer move into the home of the person in need of care. Our live-in carers adapt to every individual’s specific needs to offer the best care possible. We start by assessing the needs of the individual and creating a detailed care plan. This is done by a member of our live-in care team together with a loved one to create a plan that best works with their routine. 

This flexibility and attention to individual detail make live-in care such a great option; minimising significant changes to the individuals’ routines and environment. After the plan of care, the individual is matched with a carer according to preference, care requirements and characteristics. This carer will then move in and be with you from the minimum of one week, up to six weeks at a time. They will then receive a break for a week, and a replacement carer will take over until the primary carer returns. We do this to enable good, strong relationships to grow. 

What type of care is provided with live-in care?

Live-in care can support a wide variety of conditions, from dementia to mental health and disability care. Our carers can also provide companionship care, elderly care and young adult care. All of these services include prompting of medication. Your live-in carer can also help with everyday tasks such as; shopping, cooking meals and looking after pets, as well as lots of other benefits!